Functional sculpture

Here the huge versatility of is emphasised. This functional sculpture is made of Oregon pinewood and is surface treated with rustic oil. In this way the sculpture appears very rustically and elegantly.


Furniture for churches is always ready to take up special challenges.
As an example, we make furniture and doors for churches.

Here you see a picture of the furniture with a hole for a loud speaker and with an extra plate as seat for the confirmand.



Cabinet doors

Come and see this quality workmanship at our address. The doors are made with flat panels and moulding and 2 squares with aluminium laminate with small polished dots. This forms an elegant whole. Sliding doors are mounted above the cabinets in order to take advantage of the full hight in the room.
Naturally, we make the doors of other wood species.


Wardrobe with sliding doors

We make wardrobes with sliding doors and in this way easy access to the wardrobe is obtained. The doors do not take up space in the room, but form an elegant whole.

They can be made of almost every wood species of your own choice.


Wall bookchelf with cabinets

Here you see how the space from floor to ceiling of an entire wall can be utilised. The doors of the cabinets have the elegant detail that they have flat panels and moulding so that the doors match the existing door in the room. 


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